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Creating a New Project


The New Project screen is self explanatory for the most part. However, we have added some clarification around a few fields below:

Load Calculation field – When creating a new project, users will be prompted to select if they are performing a "Block load" or "Room-by-Room" calculation. Block load calculations are sufficient for most load calculations. Select room-by-room if you require CFM calculations per room for duct design or zoning. This field cannot be changed once project is saved.

Address field – Address will be validated against Google Places. If the address does not exist or the house is not built yet, we require a minimum of city and state to select the proper design conditions and construction defaults for that area.

Code Year – Enter the year that the house was built or last renovated. This will be used to determine default construction materials for the project.

Number of Bedrooms – The number of bedrooms is used to determine the number of occupants and calculate internal loads.


Note: ACCA Manual J only pertains to residential homes that are three stories or less. Commercial buildings require an ACCA Manual J program to be used due to commercial fresh air requirements and potentially large internal loads.

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    steve hannan

    Hello, The main screen to enter a home isn't letting me enter a city/state? it stays grey, while the rest of the screen I can enter data just fine? Thank you, Steve Hannan Air Comfort Heating and Cooling Fremont NE

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    Jim McKenzie

    I selected "block" when I opened the project. It took me to room by room instead. No way to enter for block calculation. so I said OK I'll do it by room by room then.
    so I filled it out for the first room and got a calculation. No way to go to the second room. So I'm stuck with a one room calculation.

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    John Ebert

    Can I aggregate multiple buildings in a single project? Or should I separately do each building within a project?

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