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Construction Profile - Door Hints


Doors is one of the simplest sections in Cool Calc and for the most part are self explanatory. Below are just a few things to note:

1. This section only refers to exterior doors that contain less than 50% glass. Doors containing over 50% glass should be added in the Windows and Glass section.

2. Only outside doors or doors on partition walls should be accounted for in Cool Calc. Interior doors should never be added.


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    warren pansire

    doors dont show up on report

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    Cool Calc Support

    Hi Warren,

    To add a door to a wall, go to the dimensions screen, select a floor, then click on the wall of the map trace that you want to add an exterior door to. Once you do this, you will see a modal window open with an area to enter the quantity of doors on that wall.

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    Kevin Brauer

    Same issue, using TEXT Dimensions....

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