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Does Cool Calc work on new construction?


Absolutely, CoolCalc can be used for new construction as well as existing construction. For new construction, if the address does not yet exist just enter a nearby location such as city or major highway. We use Google Maps and Leaflet for our map trace dimensional inputs. If a home is not yet shown on Google maps, you will need to select "text" data source. To state the obvious, map trace is only available on homes that are shown on Google maps.

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    Chris Ingram

    Every night when I need to use this it’s shut down and says “”oops….” Why?

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    fahad alraddadi

    how can i enter my house deminsions manually

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    Cool Calc Support

    If it is an existing home you can use the map-trace feature to trace the house. Once you complete the trace there is an edit polygon icon which allows you to dial-in the exact dimensions if you know them. If it is new construction or you prefer to enter dimensions manually, you would use the text editor option as opposed to the map trace.

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