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Why do I get a message "This resource is locked for Editing"?


Some resources in CoolCalc are locked for editing at various steps during the load calculation process:

  • Load calculation type (block load vs. room by room) is locked once dimensional data has been created because changing the load calculation type will effectively result in loss of saved data for internal loads and appliances, which would cause significant errors in load calculation unless the user manually reviews and enters all inputs for internal loads and appliances.
  • Data source is locked once dimensional data has been entered because changing data source will effectively result in loss of all dimensional data.
  • Data that affects load calculations, including project location, dimensions, construction features and HVAC system details are locked when an MJ8 report is generated to ensure that the data on the MJ8 report always corresponds to the user inputs in CoolCalc. We are working on adding a "watermarked" MJ8 report to relax this requirement, so that an MJ8 report effectively remains editable until the user "locks down" the report.

CoolCalc is a distributed web application which may pass load calculation data through a variety of computer systems and user interfaces to the end user. CoolCalc is designed from the ground up to integrate with your favorite proposal tools, equipment selection software, rebate calculators etc. CoolCalc can also be seamlessly integrated in eCommerce tools and OEM portals. All CoolCalc MJ8 reports have a unique ID so that any end user or outside stakeholder such as code compliance can confirm the authenticity of the data in a CoolCalc MJ8 report, regardless of how many computer systems may have handled the data.

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    doug loranger

    how do we unlock a report that has been locked for editing

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    Robert Childress

    How do I unlock a report that has been locked for editing?
    I have read the information in the FAQs, but I need to update the data.

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    Michael Sholes

    how do you change the outline once it's been drawn?

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    Cool Calc Support

    In the top-right corner of the map there is an edit polygon icon (second one from the bottom). Once you click that you will be able to edit the outline.

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