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Release Notes thru 2015-08-06


Cool Calc Manual J


  • Improved performance in Safari OSX for iPads and iPhones
  • Fixed humidification load bug
  • Improved accuracy of internal loads for systems with no bedrooms
  • Fixed window validation rule requiring internal shade
  • Adjusted above grade wall validation rules
  • Fixed below grade wall drop down filter bug
  • Fixed issue with load report not printing if user did not save project first
  • Fixed sensible cooling load calculation when floor over open crawl space was selected.
  • Improved performance when multiple systems are added
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    David Kyle

    Have you implemented room by room reports? I see in the General Questions that there is a plan to do so. For my multi-unit elderly care faciilty I would need this capability. Thanks.

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    arturo jauregui

    how do i print the report to turn it in to city developmental services

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