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Release Notes thru 2015-04-23


Cool Calc Manual J


  • Fixed issue with auto-trace shapes appearing under parcel layers for certain addresses
  • Fixed issue with project not saving to database if home was traced before entering a project name
  • Removed negative infiltration and ventilation loads from the cooling pie chart on the load report which was causing an error since pie charts can not accept negative values. Negative values (free cooling) can occur in mild or dry climates.
  • Fixed issue with latent ventilation load not appearing on the ventilation line of the load report (was still in the total).
  • Rounded values in load report
  • Removed warning label in load report when no AED spike is present
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    Paul Lariviere

    My antivirus (AVG) has been giving me a phishing warning every time I go to the site. I have to shut off the antivirus to get in.

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